Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trade Secret in the IGF

Well yesterday we submitted Trade Secret to the Independent Game Festival. Realistically, I am fairly certain we will not win. Optimistically we may reach the student showcase. We spent a lot of last week in crunch time, working long hours trying to get features in.

I didn't spend as much time as a good portion of the team working because there was little i could do to meaningfully contribute towards our goal. Most of my work is more abstract, and for the IGF build we focused on Tier 2. My work was already completed for Tier 2 and i lack the unity skills to meaningfully help the level designers. I did spend a lot of time with the group though, giving my moral support and answering the odd question here and there.

The last few days however i was able to test quite a bit, tracking bugs, finding flaws, and giving general feedback to see what we can and cannot fix in time. The most up to date and current build of the game will be located here:

Trade Secret

Overall, it was a great experience trying to get the build as good as it could be, even if we ran into issues and it is far from perfect. This simulation of a real crunch time is probably going to be one of the best learning experiences i take away from my time in school, and of course it was learned on a personal project, not a school project.

So it goes...

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