Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birth of Blog, Trade Secret, and GDC Online

Welcome, all 0 people who know I have created a blog!

Seeing as I don't have a proper website yet, and GDC Online is coming up i felt obligated to have at least SOME presence online besides social networking sites. This blog will be dedicated to my game design, with occasional posts about projects and their status, and other random thoughts I may have on the subject.

At the moment I am working on a project tentatively called Trade Secret until we come up with an actual name. This is a student project that we started during a class during the summer at The University of Advancing Technology. We have been doing our best to simulate a realistic work environment, with the secrecy and all.

My role on the project is Lead Writer and Combat Lead, so im in charge of the story, monsters, combat, etc. I'm very excited for the project because i get to do my favorite parts of game design and participate on a great team filled with hardworking individuals. This project will very likely become the mainstay of my portfolio until i get a proper job.

GDC Online is coming up and I'll be volunteering during the week. I'm pretty excited since i have never been to a GDC. I expect it will be a very humbling experience and make me question my career path, but it'll probably inspire me just as much to work harder.

So it goes...

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