Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trade Secret Update and Legacies of Mistborn

Trade Secret is doing pretty darn well lately. Our team size has gotten quite big, and at 23 members, we apparently have the largest team UAT has ever seen. Our project manager, producer, and other leads had a meeting with the schools marketing department recently and were assured that if we get sponsorship to GDC San Francisco, they'll send all of us.

I had fun volunteering at Austin and I plan on volunteering at San Francisco as well. Hopefully some of our more sociable members will spread the word much more effectively than i ever could. I've never been a good salesmen, but hey, that's what producers are for, neh?

I'm very much looking forward to working on this project more. I recently had an idea for a very cool new feature for the game that is simple to implement but will just require a lot of new content on my part. I'm pretty excited to do a bit more visible work, since much of the story elements aren't portrayed by cut scenes or dialogues. I'm not sure how much i can say, so i guess I'll have to be mum on more details.

There is another project i am going to begin very soon that i dont have the same restrictions. I'm excited to announce my plans for the game Legacies of Mistborn (LoM), based on the novels by the very talented Brandon Sanderson. This is an unofficial fan game and i will do my best to bring the excitement and feel of the Mistborn universe to a new medium.

I plan on splitting the game up into several small episodes, each featuring different characters with different allomantic abilities. Once i have the first episode to a point of testing or critique i'll post a link, and eventually once its completed i plan on sending a link to Mr. Sanderson himself.

Thats all for the time being. Hopefully i'll start to update more regularly, especially when i get my portfolio up in the next months.

So it goes...

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