Monday, October 25, 2010

We are the Guild, BWA HA HA HA

Today, I became a villain, an icon, and the leader of all humanity. At least in Trade Secret. 

So today I had to explain the structure of the gameworld to the level designers and everyone else on the team. During my explanation of the first in game cutscene, i happened to do a two second motion that made everyone laugh, and declare me as the main villain. I simply move my arms in a motion akin to "The Twist", only much more muted, while i said "Bwa ha ha ha, We are the Guild!" They all proclaimed i should be modeled and animated doing that very motion for the game, and they declared me the Guild Master.

So i'm not only the Combat Designer and the Writer (or as i like to call myself, Loremaster), but i am now the Guild Master. So i'm going to write myself in to be a steampunk Dr. Robotnik like character, and i will make sure it is in the final game. So let that be a lesson to all you in game design. Make your team laugh, and they'll put you in a position of power.

Oh, and the next person who says Hey-Oh! is getting kicked in the shins.

So it goes...

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