Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Time is Nigh

Its Sunday night, almost Monday morning, and on Tuesday morning I fly out to San Francisco for the first time in my life for Game Developers Conference 2011.

The Trade Secret website is finally up and our alpha is currently available to play right now. Just follow the link and you can jump right into the action.
(The site is new, so it may break. If so, try the game here!)

We've also been increasing our internet presence to help raise awareness for the game:

Check us out on IndieDB

...And TGISource

...You can also Like us on Facebook

...Or just admire the team 

We've worked really hard to get the game ready for presentation at a major event, all of us putting in a lot of extra hours on top of our schoolwork and other jobs. Despite the amount of effort its taken, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Every day I sit down and work on the game with my team mates I am reminded how much I love game design. I am constantly reassured that I have chosen the right career. This is my passion, and I am glad to be apart of such a great team just as passionate as I.

Our fellow UAT project Tellus: Save the Earth will be accompanying us to GDC, so be sure to check out their game here. They're a bunch of dedicated guys too, and a few of Team Trade Secret are also on Team Tellus.

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