Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Horizions

Its been a while since I last updated, so i felt obligated to make a post summing up the past few months.

After GDC the Trade Secret team decided to stop forward development, and instead we began an extensive refining of the content we already had. Our levels, lighting, textures, gui, and art got a major overhaul which it rightly needed. Our game was getting compliments before, and if you can see the before and afters, the game easily looks 5x better. Our lead level designer and project manager Andy Maul led the spearhead on these revisions and our game benefited greatly.

Looks arent everything, though. We also spent that same time reworking our movement system, as well as lots of behind the scenes code to make the game run smoother, and play better. We are still making adjustments and doing our best to make TS the best game it can be.

The most updated build for play is available here, so check it out and leave us some feedback. Let us know if you like the changes if you've played older versions, or if you're new to the game, any and all feedback is deeply appreciated.

Unfortunately, I will no longer be as active with Trade Secret since i have recently moved to Seattle, Washington after the commencement ceremony at UAT. I have loved the experience, and working with all those talented individuals, but the distance will definitely reduce the amount of work i can provide for the team.

Any major updates about Trade Secret i will keep posting, but my future posts will most likely be about Legacies of Mistborn or other projects i am currently working on.

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