Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Page: Pen and Paper Projects!

Today I add an additional page to the site: Pen and Paper Projects

The page is pretty self explanatory, as it will host content i have created for pen and paper games. Specifically all my current work has been created for Pathfinder RPG. I was a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, but 4.0 really lost my interest. Pathfinder has been called by many (including myself) as D&D 3.75. It offers many improvements to 3.5 while still being easy to convert to. While it doesnt adjust all the flaws of 3.5, (and has a few flaws of it's own) its still an incredibly fun game to play.

So far most of the content on the Pen & Paper page are all still works in progress. Over the next few weeks I plan on finishing at least the Necromantic Scientist base class and the Arashi character race, while still adding additional content to the Nal Tirrun campaign setting, and hopefully adding monsters in the future.

I'll also continue work on Legacies of Mistborn, but currently we've encountered some setbacks and the game isn't picking up steam like i hoped. We should have some good progress soon and i may even post about it.

Besides my work on pen and paper games and LOM, i have once again began working on the game Inevitable Death. ID is a 2D isometric game about a space fighter pilot marooned on an alien planet. It is the player's job to survive as long as possible, creating and improving tools and shelter. As the title implies, there is no win condition, and the player simply tries to survive against increasingly difficult odds.

Inevitable Death was started back in March by my friend and fellow game designer Tyler Coleman. During spring break at UAT, Tyler wanted to do a week long version of a Game Jam. It turned into a group of us all just working on one game, but our scope was simply too big for one week filled with distractions like work, concerts, and St. Patrick's Day.

Either way, we had a good start but after spring break ended, most of us, myself included, let it fall by the wayside. Tyler has been pushing to start work on it again, and since i am currently unemployed, it's a great way to further develop my skills and gain another portfolio piece.

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